Succulent Lobster Ceviche

Lobster Ceviche

  My husband and children took me out for lunch on Mother's Day at the Border Grill in Santa Monica, Los Angeles owned by chef Susan Fenigar and Mary Sue Milliken who you may have seen on many shows on TV including Top Chef Master. Chef Susan Feniger was there greeting guests from table to table. She was so sweet and made an effort to make every diner feel welcome. I don’t … [Read more...]

Mini Lime Tarts Recipe

Lime Tart

Giving the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, today I'm sharing the recipe for these incredible mini lime tarts. Decadently refreshing, they consist of a buttery crust with a silky smooth citrus filling made with fresh lime juice, lime zest, egg yolks, and condensed milk, with swirls of fresh whipped cream on top.   These mini tarts are small enough to eat in one bite, but so … [Read more...]

The Incredible Butter Pecan Cinnamon Roll Pizza

Picture 1_Title

Who said pizzas have to be savory? This incredible butter pecan cinnamon roll pizza is perfect for sharing with family and friends! Or... Just make your favorite cup of tea or coffee and eat it alone. Whatever you do, enjoy every moment of its goodness. Ingredients One 16oz plain ready made pizza dough Buttered Pecans
 1 tablespoon of butter 1 cup of … [Read more...]

How to Make Flying with Kids Easier

flying with kids

Guest post by Casey Wanderer When my husband said “that wasn’t bad” after we had just passed through security for the 10th flight flying as a family of 5 in less then one year, I knew I had finally got down pat flying with my 3 boys - 5, 3 and nearly 1 year old. I had always been a traveler and the thought of traveling with kids - beyond going to see family - never … [Read more...]

How to Make a Veggie Handbag and Shoes


Even after becoming a mom and becoming swamped in homework, carpool and recitals, getting together with your girlfriends is a sanity-saver. It’s nice to dedicate a little time for a "Girls Night In" with girlfriends. Sending the husband and kids out for a few hours and organizing a little time to hang out, chat, sip some wine and just decompress is needed from time to time. … [Read more...]

Featured Review: Evenflo Advanced Transitions 3-in-1 Booster Seat


Gosh. Car seats are tricky aren't they? They're one of the most important things you will ever need for your child for several years, and because there are so many on the market, it can be confusing to figure out which one to get. As your children grow older, you want to think about a seat that will last to the end of your car-seat-needing days. If you have an infant car … [Read more...]

Disney World Packing Money Saving Tips

disney tips

I am headed to Disney World next week with the family for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I'm not only super excited about this exclusive, invite-only conference but the family is pretty stoked about returning to Disney World. We are no strangers to Disney World as my mom lives in Orlando and we have visited the Disney parks many times over the years. You could say … [Read more...]

Marble Run Review: Hours of Building Fun!

marble run 2

On a recent Target trip, we purchased this Marble Run game for my 4.5 year old daughter who is a HUGE fan of marbles. I'm glad I did- it's a quiet toy with no batteries, that really exercises her mind. You'll find 55 pieces in the box and 15 marbles, and all you need to do is build your very own run however you like, pop your marble in and watch it follow the path. But does … [Read more...]

Flash Sale: 100 Tickets To The New York Baby Show


I'm so excited to announce that I will be at the nation’s biggest show for expectant and new families next month in New York! That's right, I'm honored to be one of the main speakers at The New York Baby Show on May 16-17, 2015 and I'd love to see you there! The New York Baby Show is a wonderful family-friendly mega-event for expectant and new parents (and their babies and … [Read more...]

Infant Car Seats and Travel PSA

infant car seat

Infant car seats are super convenient for taking baby on-the-go and easily getting them in and out of the car even if they are sleeping. Since I always recommend that parents travel with their child's car seat, because rental car agency car seats can be gross, broken or just hard to use, I see many parents with their baby's infant car seat in the airport. There is one thing … [Read more...]

Six Helpful Pregnancy Books


Whether you're pregnant for the first time or fifth, I find it good practice to read up on all of the changes that are occurring within your body. If you've done any searching, whether online or in a bricks and mortar, you've likely noticed that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of books and resources available. I've narrowed down the overwhelming number of options to … [Read more...]

Review: Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship Playset

fisher price pirate ship

One of my 5-year-old's favorite toys right now is the Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Ship. This play set encourages him to use his imagination, takes him away from the iPad (who doesn't love that, right?!?) and is great for multiple kids to play with at the same time. Plus, who doesn't like to practice their pirate "Argghhh!" or "Ahoy, Matey!" when playing?! This fun … [Read more...]

10 Things You Thought You’d Never Do As A Parent


Let's face it: there's a 'Before Kids' mentality and an 'After Kids' mentality. Before kids, you have visions of a smiling, happy, easy child that you'll be able to calm when they cry using nothing but your soothing voice. After kids, you become more in tune with reality and you know that that smiling and happy child exists, you just wonder where they've gone when they're … [Read more...]

Our Five Favorite Baby Name Websites


If you're anything like me, it is a true struggle to find baby names that you and your significant other can agree on. It's no surprise, really- choosing a baby name that you both love is one of the biggest first decisions you will have to make for your child. It has to be the perfect name, right?! Not only does it need to suit your baby, but it also has to work well for a … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Toddler Tips


Moms of toddlers, we know your life is a daily struggle. You need all the toddler tips you can get. These little ones want to be so independent, but there is still so much they can't do on their own. They are learning to communicate, so they get frustrated with their lack of language. They are so curious, getting into everything, and it's hard for you to keep up! As usual, … [Read more...]