Score Some Daily Deals


If you’ve been following my posts here at, it’s pretty obvious that I love to shop. Even more so, I love to get a good deal. And I am not alone. Judging by the enormous popularity of daily deal websites—and there are tons of them—lots of other people out there are also looking to save money. Daily deal sites are just what they sound like—websites that offer … [Read more...]

7 Yummy Spring Pasta Recipes


Nothing screams spring more than a lighter pasta recipe that is full of delicious and colorful spring vegetables. If you’re looking for some recipe ideas for dinner, a backyard barbecue, or for your spring baby shower menu, here are seven of our favorites. 1. Bucatini with Green Peas Using ingredients that you likely already have on hand, like green peas, shallots, … [Read more...]

7 Cold Weather Fashion Faves

I like to be "into" fashion in the fall and winter months because it's such a beautiful time to be into fashion. I love sweaters and boots and fabulous jackets, so this time is the easiest time for me to look great. No, I take that back, it's the easiest season for me to work with what I have in my closet to look great. So, because I am in such a fashion-kind of mood, I … [Read more...]

How to be a stay at home parent (and not go insane)


This January will mark my second year in stay at home parenting. Yay! When I started this gig, I hated it, but now I love it. I love it now because I know how to make it work for me and my family. So this post is for any parent out there considering stay at home parenting. Here are my top 10 tips on how to be a stay at home mom (or dad) without going insane: 1. Take a … [Read more...]

Motherhood is kind of hard. But you will be amazing.


I have two friends right now who are pregnant with their first children. They've been talking to me as their resident expert mom friend often about weird pregnancy symptoms and about what to expect when their babies eventually get here on earth. I've been thinking about how to sum up what motherhood does to a woman and how the person I am today isn't the person I once was, … [Read more...]

Should girls be parented differently than boys? – My Thoughts on Caitlin Flanagan’s Girl Land

Girl Land

You know the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, it’s true. Kind of. When it comes to real books, the kind you get from a library, you have to judge books by the cover, well, unless you’re smart and have done your homework to find great books before you actually go to the library. But that’s not the point, for me at least. When I go to the library, I usually … [Read more...]

220,000 KidCo PeaPod Travel Beds Recalled Due to Suffocation Hazard

Peapod Tent Recall

This is a pretty big recall and we think it has been in the works for a while! 220,000 Kidco PeaPod and PeaPod Plus Travel Beds (basically all of them!) have been recalled due to suffocation and entrapment hazards. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with KidCo Inc., of Libertyville, IL, is announcing the voluntary recall today of about 220,000 … [Read more...]

Preschool- Yes or No?


My oldest daughter turns three in just a few months, but the questions about whether or not my husband and I plan to send her to preschool have been rolling in for almost a year now. Back then when the questions started, we would always cite time as the reason why we hadn't thought about the prospect of preschool. "Oh, she's just two," we'd say, adding quickly that we would … [Read more...]

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Changed Bedtime (Kind of)

If your child watches Sprout, you have likely seen the infamous commercials for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. In case you can't remember the visuals of a mother saying, "goodnight, (child's name)" and the child and some other children, in the course of the commercial, actually going to sleep because they have a stuffed animal that lights up their room's ceiling. If you don't … [Read more...]

Her first birthday party

One of two of her store bought birthday hats.

About two weeks ago, we celebrated my youngest daughter's first birthday. As promised in the post on the minimal preparations I was taking this time around, the party was simple and easy. Barring one...okay, two, "moments" that I had in Hobby Lobby involving a cart full of felt paper (again!), lights, multi-colored construction paper, and glitter, I stuck to my plan. I did not … [Read more...]

7 books for toddlers learning the ABCs


Most developmental experts say that children begin to recognize letters between 2 and 3 and that they can identify letters between 4 and 5. Given this, it is mostly agreed that parents and caregivers should aim to begin introducing toddlers to the alphabet, via colorful books with vivid pictures and letters, by age 2. If you are a parent looking for books to add to … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Another Baby?

A cupcake from my second daughter's first birthday which happened just weeks ago.

I think the questions started last time when my first daughter turned 9 months. "She's almost walking now. Are you ready for another one?" or"When is she going to get a brother?" Most parents are insulted by such questions, and I was too. Well, kind of. When my first turned one, I too, began wondering. "Hmm. Am I ready for another baby?" I said this while kind of hoping for … [Read more...]

Why I’m planning a smaller first birthday party this year


With my first daughter's first birthday, I became a bit obsessed with the whole planning part. Maybe "obsessed" is not even the word for what I became in the month leading up to her party. I think I was neurotic and addicted to the idea that I had to plan this fabulous birthday party in order to commemorate the immensity of her turning one. I lived in Hobby Lobby, … [Read more...]

My baby has walked into toddlerhood

My little walker almost a month ago.

The best part of having more children is that it gives you perspective on all the things you did, and obsessed about, with your first child. With my first, I was obsessed, among a lot of other things, with getting her to walk. I wanted her to walk because everyone around me seemed so interested in whether she was taking her first steps. If walking was a milestone that … [Read more...]

Baby led weaning is not as complicated as it sounds

"Baby led -what?" I get this question/borderline insult to how I feed my daughter often. Whenever I attempt to explain why my youngest isn't eating from a spoon or a jar, most are confused. To alleviate their confusion, I used to become a walking, talking parenting book. I would attempt to give a textbook answer on what baby led weaning is and why it works, but I stopped … [Read more...]