Back to School Mom (VIDEO)

back to school

Whether you are sad or happy about back to school time, it's hard to argue that mom can get more things done when all the kids go to school during the day. Ever wonder what it's like for mom when they leave? Well, I thought I would give you an inside look at what goes down when the kids go to school. Yes, this is a behind the scenes look and we hope it makes you smile! … [Read more...]

10 Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas

back to school lunch

It's either the most wonderful or dreaded time of the year for you- back to school! Today I've rounded up 10 easy back to school lunches for you to pack your children this year. These are ideas that won't take long to whip up, plus the kids will love them because they're fun and tasty! Please note: If your school doesn't allow peanut butter, there are alternatives such as … [Read more...]

What’s in the Box Wednesday | Back to School Edition

back to school memes

It's back-to-school time and I'm sure you have all be inundated with the countless first day of school photos on Facebook, right? Well, since we don't go back until next Monday, we won't add any more to the chaos (yet!). Instead, it's time for What's in the Box Wednesday and it is a back-to-school edition! Find out what the Junior Gizmo kids open up today in the mystery, … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo Must Have Monday | My Favorite Shoes (+ DISCOUNT CODE!)


Happy Monday, everyone! Yes, another dreaded Monday, but at least you have us here to cheer you up with Baby Gizmo Must Have Monday! Our mission is to brighten up your day one Monday at a time! Today we are talking about back to school shoes. Not just any shoes, but adorable shoes for kids that are my must-have for going back to school. Yes, after this long break, many … [Read more...]

Hot Back to School Fashions on WBTV


This morning I was on WBTV (CBS) Charlotte chatting with Kristen Miranda about great back to school fashions! With 5 kid models to help me feature these adorable outfits, the segment went great! You can see what it was like in our "Behind the Scenes" video! Here are all the fashions we featured on the segment... MODEL #1: 1st Grader featuring JCrew/Crewcuts Crewcuts … [Read more...]

10 Great Back To School Organization Tips

tip 7

Back to school can be chaotic but I've rounded up 10 great back to school organization tips to help things go smoothly for you! Check out these creative ideas!   1. Shoe Organizer For Supplies. Use a shoe organizer to organize all of your school supplies so your kids can see them and access them easily! 2. Home Organization Station. Here are some tips on … [Read more...]

What’s in the Box Wednesday | Getting Ready for TV

what's in the bag

That's right, it's Wednesday again! Time for What's in the Box Wednesday! Well, actually our Junior Gizmo guy is opening a bag, so we have to call it What's in the Bag this week! The kids are getting ready to model on-air during a back-to-school TV segment on WBTV Charlotte and today we are revealing one of the outfits that we are featuring. It's a budget-friendly option that … [Read more...]

8 Back To School Shoe Options

stride rite

Before heading back to school, it's a great time to get your children's feet measured and buy some new shoes that'll last. Here are eight options they're sure to love! 1. Disney Vans- $60 My son has these because we love all things Vans and Disney. Obviously this collab is the greatest thing ever. Your little boys will love these and the slip on's make them so easy to … [Read more...]

12 Backpacks For Back To School


A new school year is approaching and you've probably got your school supply list in hand. All those school supplies need to go into a stylish, practical, and useful backpack so today we've rounded up 12 great backpacks for you! Jansport- $30.99 Fossil- $198 Target- $19.99 J World- $29.99 Target- $39.99 Skip Hop- $19.99 Amazon- $31.99 TOMS- $79 Nike- … [Read more...]

$500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

amazon card

The “Get What You Want Giveaway” is back! This one is a BIG one and you have two weeks to enter!  That’s right, we have $500 Amazon gift card up for grabs and we will be handing them over to ONE lucky winner. Already thinking about Back to School? This prize works. Have a baby on the way and would like a little help with the baby gear costs? Yep, works for that too. Even … [Read more...]

Things To Expect When Your First Child Starts School


Warning: This article is part of “The Edge” series and may not appeal to those without a sense of humor or those who are completely opposed to any and all swear words. Each September, my Facebook news feed is filled with first day of school pictures, pick up line rants, mom-taxi-cab exhaustion, and recaps of school supply scavenger hunts. Before this year I never … [Read more...]

The 12 Days of School (VIDEO)


Since back-to-school is in full swing now, we thought we'd have a little fun with our own version of The 12 Days of School! Our Lil' Baby Gizmos got together to film this video and we think they did a great job! Don't forget to subscribe to our Baby Gizmo YouTube Channel so that you don't miss any great videos! … [Read more...]

Must Have Homeschool Art Supplies


Our first official day of homeschool preschool is September 3rd! With a 4 year old (and a 2 year old tagging along) our focus will be super hands-on this year. If the past tells me anything about our upcoming year, our learning will revolve around crafts. My children loves creating and I love seeing all their artwork. Craft time is a win win around here. Today I wanted to … [Read more...]

A Hot Lunch Brought from Home (VIDEO)


School has finally started! Kids are happily back in their classrooms with their amazing teachers, fun friends and structured schedule that they thrive on. Last week when we visited our new school and met the kids' teachers for this year, we found out that my middle son's classroom has a severe peanut allergy and no peanut or tree nut products would be allowed to be brought to … [Read more...]

First Day of Preschool Blues

First day of preschool blues

As I drove the familiar route home, I glanced in the rear view mirror at his sweet face. “Tell me about your day, Mama?” I started explaining what happened after I had dropped him off at his first day of preschool. My first full day without my boy since he was born, I think. He scrunched his nose in dissatisfaction at the beginning of my story. “No! Tell me about MY … [Read more...]