Baby Gizmo Travel Review: Beaches Resort in Negril Jamaica


We just returned from a trip to Beaches in Negril, Jamaica. There was so much fun, family-friendly things that we did, that I’m going to try to condense it into one post. If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort that really knows how to keep families entertained, happy and wanting to come back time and time again, Beaches Resort is it. From food that is truly … [Read more...]

Beaches Resort Tuck-In with Abby Cadabby (VIDEO)


Ever wonder what it is like to get tucked into bed by Sesame Street's own Abby Cadabby? Let me just tell you it's pretty cool. Not only does she tuck your child in but they read a story and sing a song as well. Funnest. Thing. Ever. On our recent trip to Beaches Resort in Negril, Jamaica, my daughter had the opportunity to have Abby Cadabby come to our room and she … [Read more...]