Breastfeeding Twins: The Tools of the Trade

Breastfeeding Twins

In December 2012, a friend of mine found out she was having twins. My sweet friend began researching all sorts of twin related info, and as a follower of hers on Pinterest, I was privy to her twin-spired Pins. For example, a video of a woman nursing her twins. Curious about the life my cherished friend had in store, I watched the video. And my mouth dropped. This is a … [Read more...]

5 Foods That Increase Milk Supply


Tomorrow is the start of Ramadan, a very special month where Muslims fast from both food and drink from sunrise to sunset, in order to focus on themselves and their spiritual journey. Most nursing mothers do not fast during this time, but for those who do feel comfortable breastfeeding and fasting, here are five food items that can increase milk supply.   1. … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on Breastfeeding


  Jami is a stay at home mom of 4 girls. She recently moved halfway across the country and is trying to put down strong roots in the Midwest. Currently, her life revolves around her kids, but she is planning to start nursing school within the next year. You can also find her at Following the Bus.   I never had any intentions of breastfeeding my children. When I … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Fertility- Four Periods In Four Years?


When I first started breastfeeding, I really had no idea what my goals were. In all honesty, I was probably winging it. I didn't know anything about teething, growth spurts or cosleeping. At two weeks old, we attended our first La Leche League meeting, and it was here that we learned about many different aspects of breastfeeding, from the nutritional benefits, to the affects on … [Read more...]

11 Dairy-Free Meals

asian salad

Why go dairy-free in your eating habits? Here's a few common reasons ... Dairy sensitivity or intolerance Gut healing Nursing mama starting an elimination diet to help baby's digestion, mood or skin Reduce calories I'm on the very forefront of exploring dairy-free eating and I've been learning a lot about alternatives and culinary styles that bend towards being … [Read more...]

Holly Madison: Breastfeeding Was A Great Experience

Holly Madison

By: CelebrityBabyScoop New mom Holly Madison is helping women reach their weight loss goals with the Holly Madison Diet. The former Girls Next Door star, 33, has teamed up with eDiets to create a custom diet plan and app for women who want to take control, eat well and stay healthy. Holly opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her former “unhealthy” eating habits, her … [Read more...]

Formal Wear for the Nursing Mama


Whether you're dressing for a wedding, holiday party or formal gathering, when you're a breastfeeding mama, finding the right outfit can be a bit tricky. If baby is tagging along you need something with access and if it's a long event you may even find yourself stealing away to pump. That all means the girls can't be hidden away in something too confining. So, what to … [Read more...]

What to Expect When You are Breastfeeding (VIDEO)


Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby, but it can be very overwhelming for a brand new mom who doesn't know what to expect. The media makes it look glamorous with images of a gorgeous, perfect mother sitting in a white flowing dress and calmly feeding her newborn as the heavens open up and the angels sing. And then there is reality. My … [Read more...]

Making Mama’s Milk & More Cookies


When it comes to breastfeeding supplies I can rattle on and on about my favorite nursing tanks, bras and other accessories. When you're going to be snuggling that little one around the clock, you just gotta know that there are a number of essentials! But one of my very top, ultimate favorites is Making Mama's Milk & More Cookies. Here's the scoop ... one breastfeeding … [Read more...]

Moms Who Inspire

moms who inspire

In the world of mom-petition it's totally refreshing to find an internet friend. Which are actually just real friends who haven't met yet to paraphrase Allison. You know, one of those mamas who shares a peek into her life and truly inspires you. In my days of reading and writing blogs I've found a handful of ladies I can't help but keep up with. I wanted to share a few of these … [Read more...]

World Breastfeeding Week 2013


Did you know that since 1992, August 1st to 7th became World Breastfeeding Week? Neither did I! And that it is supported by UNICEF, WHO, FAO and ministries of health in many countries? Nope, me neither. This year, the makers are turning the focus to Breastfeeding Support and Peer Counseling. I am thrilled about this because lack of support is the number one reason why so … [Read more...]

Three Things I’ll Tell My Sisters About Breastfeeding

DSC_1022 600w

My sisters don't yet have children, but while I'm in the thick of mothering, specifically breastfeeding, I wanted to log away a few of my thoughts and feelings. This is everything I'd tell a good friend or an expectant mama with a listening ear too, so I thought, why not share here?  First, sisters of mine, DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you were planning to do a specific activity … [Read more...]

Gender Neutral Nursing Covers


A friend of mine is expecting her first baby and she asked me about what my favorite brand of nursing cover is. My advice is always to try on different covers, if possible, and see which one works for you. Once you know what brand you like, you can then choose one of their many different prints. I have rounded up a few of my favorites that are both gender neutral and very … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Support a Nursing Mama When She Visits Your Home

nursing mama

This month marks my 20th month of breastfeeding between my two children. In that time, I've nursed just about everywhere imaginable - airports, cars, parks, restaurants and one of my personal favorites, Nordstrom. Can I get an "amen" for their fantastic mother's rooms? All those public places used to worry me when it came to nursing, but now, it seems the most awkward place I … [Read more...]

How Long Do You Breastfeed Your Baby?


Today I'm here to talk breast feeding. How long one breast feeds their child to be specific. Is there a certain age that is ideal to stop breast feeding your child? How long does the average mother breast feed their child? What is best for you? Let's talk! The American Pediatric Association defines extended nursing as breastfeeding infants beyond their first year. In the … [Read more...]