Hands Free Sundays- Or Hands Free Any Day

cell free

My family and I have started what we like to call "Hands Free Sundays." This means that when Sunday rolls around, our cell phones go away. Why do we do this? Because we started to notice that cell phones were taking over our lives and we were spending way more time than we wanted to glued to our devices. We felt like we were missing out on a lot, and we wanted to devote at … [Read more...]

5 Reasons My iPhone Has Been A Mandatory Part Of My Life Since My Son Was Born.


We all love our iPhones right? I have actually only had an iPhone since the 4s came out and have since upgraded to the iPhone 5. Before that I had a Blackberry for a year and before that it was the free phone without even internet. Say it's not so! Sometimes I think back to my life pre-iPhone and I don't know how I ever survived without it. Was I even living before the iPhone? … [Read more...]

Today I’m keeping it real


Today I'm keeping it real. Many are wondering why we added food and travel to Baby Gizmo this year after seven years of a strict baby product only theme. Sure, we added those things because we know people are not stroller shopping everyday. Parents also eat and travel (at least occasionally!) and we knew we could help with ideas. That's not the main reason we added them … [Read more...]