10 Never Fail Toddler Crafts

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My son absolutely loves cutting and pasting and painting. We could do toddler crafts all day and night, and he would still ask for more. Me? I run out of ideas pretty quick. Never fear! Baby Gizmo to the rescue!Check out this fabulous list of never fail toddler crafts.Celery Paint Stamping Wooly Lamb Spring Art ProjectWinter WalrusLeaf Tracing and … [Read more...]

Simple Crafts to Keep Toddler Hands Busy


Sometimes my toddler gets so bored that he literally drives me up a wall! Then I remember that watching me cook or clean isn’t really all that exciting, especially when I am doing something that little hands can’t help with. When times like these happen, it’s good to have a list of super easy and quick toddler activities to keep those hands and minds busy while I finish doing … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Decorate with Instagram Pictures


If you're like me, your Instagram pictures reflect some of the sweetest moments and memories your family has shared. It may seem silly, but Instagram pictures really do serve as a sort of time capsule, perfectly capturing that moment in time. Plus, with the fabulous filters, each photo is turned into an amazing piece of art. Well, why not use those artistic Instagram pictures … [Read more...]

St Patrick’s Day Crafts For The Kids

Photo Source: Patties Classroom

St Patrick's Day is right around the corner, so to celebrate this fun holiday, here are 7 St. Patrick's Day crafts your kids will love! You could hang these up in your home to get in the Irish spirit or send them to a loved one- the choice is yours! Paper Plate Leprechaun- All Kids Network. This easy and clever craft only calls for a few … [Read more...]

Presidents’ Day Crafts


With Presidents' Day right around the corner, we've gathered up some fun craft ideas for you to do with your littles. Some are edible, some are cute, but all of them will teach your children about our country's amazing leaders! Masks From Our Crafts N Things. Make these Presidents' Day masks and have your children give speeches!Lincolns Log Cabins From … [Read more...]