10 Fun Summer Crafts!

beach bucket

Summer is coming and we sure will have a lot of times to spend with our little ones. One things we all love to do is get messy make something.  So today I've rounded up 10 fun crafts that are perfect for you and your children to do together!Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know if you tried any of them and which were your favorites! Homemade … [Read more...]

To The Mom Who Takes Over Her Preschooler’s Crafts


I'm a little confused. I just got back from a mommy and me session for 3-5 year olds, in which the kids were making a really sweet keepsake gift their Daddies for Father's Day. Except that out of everyone there, I think 40% were kids were making the gift, while the other 60% were the moms.I had to double, triple check- did I walk into some kind of parallel universe … [Read more...]

8 Adorable Father’s Day Crafts


Today I've rounded up 8 adorable Father's Day crafts that your kids will love to make and dads will love to receive! The best part is not that they are cheap, easy and clever, but that they all double as gifts. Take a look, pick your favorite and get to crafting!Trophies From Elementary Art Fun. These trophies are so good, they almost look like the real thing. Dad will … [Read more...]

10 Never Fail Toddler Crafts

toddler crafts

My son absolutely loves cutting and pasting and painting. We could do toddler crafts all day and night, and he would still ask for more. Me? I run out of ideas pretty quick. Never fear! Baby Gizmo to the rescue!Check out this fabulous list of never fail toddler crafts.Celery Paint Stamping Wooly Lamb Spring Art ProjectWinter WalrusLeaf Tracing and … [Read more...]

Simple Crafts to Keep Toddler Hands Busy


Sometimes my toddler gets so bored that he literally drives me up a wall! Then I remember that watching me cook or clean isn’t really all that exciting, especially when I am doing something that little hands can’t help with. When times like these happen, it’s good to have a list of super easy and quick toddler activities to keep those hands and minds busy while I finish doing … [Read more...]