Great Deal On Ergo Carrier TODAY!


We saw this sale on today that we thought was a great deal so we wanted to share it with our friends.'s daily deal is 45% of Ergo Carriers in two prints.  We are big fans of the Ergo Carrier (see our review here) so if you are looking for a fab carrier - you might want to scoop up this deal! Remember this is a daily deal site - so you have to … [Read more...]

Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier- Product Review


Baby Bjorn, manufacturer of one of the world's most recognizable baby carriers, recently debuted its latest model: The Comfort Carrier. Look closely- yep, it's a Bjorn all right. But something is different. It looks like the original Baby Bjorn has had a makeover. Well, if you ask me- it's about time. I'm a huge fan of the Baby Bjorn carriers, the Active is my favorite, … [Read more...]

International Babywearing Week


International Babywearing Week comes to a close tomorrow.  Babywearing is described as: Carrying or holding a baby or young child by means of wearing a baby carrier. The focus of this week was to promote the benefits of babywearing as well as to educate people on how to practice babywearing safely. In recent months, recalls of certain models of slings have prompted a … [Read more...]

Top Ten Things I Wish I Had Registered For


1. Luna Lullaby Swaddle Blankets. Because even I break into a sweat just by looking at a flannel receiving blanket. 2. Stokke High Chair. Because using a knife to wedge crusted food out of a plastic high chair gets old after a while. And gross. 3. Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat. Because my back doesn't appreciate me carrying a 20 pound baby around in an infant … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Kelty Frame Carrier 3.0


Kelty has changed up their fabulous frame carriers (FC) for 2010 a bit by adding all new colors (blue, green and orange), more mesh for better ventilation in the child seat, a sleeker design for more updated looks and a waist belt torso length adjustment.   The waist belt torso adjustment allows the child to ride lower, creating a lower center of gravity for better balance and … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Ergo Baby Carrier


With my second baby, I knew I’d need a carrier that would be an absolute work horse. With a busy toddler to chase, I needed both hands and a lot of freedom of movement. The Ergo baby carrier had been raved about by several of my friends, but it was a spendy carrier, and I knew it would have to be an investment. Would it be worth it? Would I use it often enough to warrant the … [Read more...]