Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Sometimes a tie is the perfect gift for Father's Day. Other times, not so much. If the dad in your life already boasts quite the tie collection, I'd say it's time to think of something a little more creative this year. That's why I'm here to help! Today we're talking creative Father's Day gift ideas! -Homemade Gift Certificates. Make your own gift cards this … [Read more...]

9 Gifts Dad Will Say Are “Delicious!”

Fathers Day

With Father's Day less than two weeks away, your dad or husband may be starting to drop hints about gift ideas. Or, maybe he's made it clear that he doesn't need anything ... especially a new tie? So, what to get him when a new set of gold clubs isn't in the budget and he isn't looking to beef up his wardrobe?Well, how about some real beef or other yummy things he can eat … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gifts For the Sports Lover


Is your dad or husband a sports guy?Do you feel kind of lost when it comes to finding him the right gift?Well, with a whole team of sports lovers in my family, I've rounded up a few favorites that are sure to make them smile this Father's Day ... or any other holiday for that matter.Happy Father's Day, Sports Dad! by thatmamag featuring tech … [Read more...]

Potato Cinnamon Rolls

potato cinnamon rolls

I sure hope the recipe title didn't scare you away! I mean, a Thanksgiving side and breakfast sweet don't normally go together, but I promise you, in this circumstance they do. They definitely do.My mom remembers her mom making these often, usually the morning after a big batch of mashed potatoes. She was a thrifty lady in the kitchen and there was no way she wanted to … [Read more...]

Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father's Day is just around the corner and today we're talking handmade gifts for Dad! While store bought gifts are all fun and dandy, handmade gifts are creative and come straight from the heart (and hands) of your little ones!  -Handprints. Press your children's handprints into cement, trace them and have them decorate it, or paint them. A special … [Read more...]