The Same Mistake Over and Over (VIDEO)


I admit it - I make the same mistake over and over. It's like I never learn. There is one thing lately that I've been burned on over and over and it's so frustrating. Totally my own fault but frustrating nonetheless. So, I wanted to do a Mom Tip Video on it so that maybe you won't make the same mistake.Please tell me in a comment that I'm not the only one that does this. … [Read more...]

More Great Sales Today!


Here are a few great online sales that you  may not want to miss today!  Look more like a lady and less like a mom with these fabulous outfits from Tart at ideeli.SHOP Tart at Ideeli here Tons of choices for your iPad, iPod, game system or computer from iLuv and Poloroid at ideeli.SHOP iLuv and Poloroid at ideeli here   Expecting?  You are going to love the … [Read more...]

Maclaren and UPPAbaby Gilt Sale starts today!


Gilt Sale starts at 11am CST.This practical assortment is perfect for new parents on the go. From strollers with coordinating liners,to diaper totes and leather carriers, the basics here are both versatile and extremely well designed. Trusted names include Maclaren, JJ Cole, and UPPAbaby.Past sales have included Maclaren discontinued Ryders like the Albert Thurston … [Read more...]

Roundup of Great Sales Today!


Lots of great sales and deals today to report.HauteLook has 50% off Tea Collection clothes for girls, boys and women!  Things are selling out fast so be quick!SHOP HauteLook hereGilt Groupe has Boppy Pillows and Slipcovers for 44% off!SHOP Gilt Groupe hereZulily has the cutest outfits for babies from Canada's Petit Lem!SHOP Zulily … [Read more...]

Am I Dreaming? Storksak Diaper Bags for up to 50% off?!


If you have watched my video reviews, you will see my beloved Storksak Diaper Bag make a cameo appearance in many of them when it comes time to showcase a stroller basket!  I can't tell you how much I love my Storksak bag.  Well, I love it enough to show it to you video after video even though I risk it taking away the spotlight from the stroller I'm showcasing.  Everytime I … [Read more...]