Grocery Fail


*This is a guest post by Joann of Life with Triplets Plus One. Having four triplets really limits me on what types of everyday normal outings I am willing to take. What? You're wondering about the four triplets comment? Well, that's what it's called when you birth four children in a 16 month span! That's right, I have four year old girl-boy-girl triplets and another son who … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post: The Aldi Challenge

Landshut Riesling, Grandess Signature Mini Eclairs & Belmont Premium Cheesecake Sampler

I was asked to participate in a challenge recently that involved shopping and wine.  I like shopping. I like wine.  Okay, scratch that - I'm a mother of three small, very busy children who run me ragged - I LOVE wine.  The challenge was to visit my local Aldi and check our their wine and food selection for an upcoming holiday gathering.  Aldi has wine?  Yep, that was my … [Read more...]