World Kindness Day

world kindness

Every November 13th a special holiday graces the calendar. No, it's not one that gives you a break from work or the kids a day off from school, but it's just as important as all of those. It's World Kindness Day! World Kindness Day evolved from a series of conferences in 1996-1997 in Japan by a group known as the World Kindness Movement. These conferences brought together … [Read more...]

It’s Not the Price, but the Thought That Counts

candy coal

For the month of Decemeber, it seems as if life consists mainly of buying presents.  It's challenging enough to come up with gifts for our family and close friends and then there's always that added pressure of picking up something appropriate for grab bags, Secret Santas, stocking stuffers and heaven forbid being empty-handed when we receive an unexpected present from someone … [Read more...]

To-Die For Gifts for the Fashionista Turned New Mummy

this little piggy went to prada

You may be struggling to shed your post-pregnancy weight, can't remember the last time you showered, have spit-up covering your clothes and dark circles under your eyes from too many sleepless nights, but becoming a mom doesn't have to mean losing your fashion sense completely. This Little Piggy Went to Prada: Nursery Rhymes for the Blahnik Brigade ($19.99)   Gone are the … [Read more...]

For Those With a Sweet Tooth

choc snowman

It's a very good thing that calories don't count over the holidays!  So leave the milk and cookies for Santa and indulge in these outrageous goodies which also make wonderful presents for loved ones.... Chocolate Snowmen ($33) Celebrate the season with L.A. Burdick's delectable hand-dipped chocolate snowmen. Each snowman is hand-piped with clementine and dark chocolate … [Read more...]

Provide Inspiration for Your Budding Picasos


If your child enjoys arts-and-crafts even half as much as I do, then receiving any of these innovative products will color them happy over the holidays! Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio ($15.00) Now you can bring your Color Wonder creations to life – with realistic sounds! This interactive coloring pad lets you choose from 60 fabulous sound effects... and place them … [Read more...]

Gifts Teachers Will Give an A+ For


Wanna help secure your child as teacher's pet?  Based on some online research, what most teachers really want most from Santa Claus are gift cards, especially those that contribute directly to their classroom such as an office-supply store, a bookstore, or iTunes.  You also can't go wrong giving them a gift card to, Dunkin Donuts , Starbucks or Target. Want to … [Read more...]

Your Rock Star Will Sing for These Musical Gifts

dance on keyboard

I have a tiny confession....I think my son is going to be the next Justin Bieber. Hey, a mom can only dream! Plus providing youngsters who show any inclination towards music with some of these items might help them on their way to being inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. (PS. In light of Hollie's PSA to Gift Giving Aunts & Uncles, this Rock Star Gift Guide is … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts that GIVE BACK!

statue of liberty barbie

Remember it's much better to GIVE than receive and with these special gift suggestions, you'll feel extra good because in addition to putting a big smile on the recipient's face, you'll also be helping various important charities and causes: What girl, regardless of her age, isn't wishing for a new pair of shoes?  TOMS was founded on a simple premise: For every pair you … [Read more...]

No Idea What to Get Baby? Try These Personalized Gifts


I know we have all been there.  Christmas rolls around and you have no idea what to get for that new baby in your family.  Why is it so hard to shop for a little one?  You’d think it would be easy.  Your first impulse would be to go out and buy them that hot new toy everyone is talking about, until you really get to thinking about it.  Can a baby that small really use … [Read more...]

Top Gifts for Foodie Friends and Family


I love food. I love it. I love to cook it, eat it, read it, and shop it. The only thing I don't like to do is clean it up. That's what having kids does to you I guess. My brother is a chef, my cousin is a restaurant owner, my sister in law works at a local farmer's market, and the rest of us are... eaters. This holiday season is going to be the year of all things food. We do … [Read more...]

Still Need More Gift Ideas?


Have you exhausted our Baby Gizmo Gift Guide yet still need more holiday gift ideas?  Hop on over to Cool Mom Picks because they have a Gift Guide of their own stocked full of fabulous, fun and unique ideas!  The Cool Mom Picks Gift Guide is jam packed with ideas under all sorts of categories from "Hanukkah for Tots" to "Hostess Gifts" to "Gifts for your Favorite Gleek" plus … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Idea: Whiz Kid Learning System

Whiz Kid Learning System by VTech The Vtech Whiz Kid is an educational learning system for your 3-6 year old. This new learning board makes learning fun with two methods of play: on the go or at the computer. The Whiz Kid is an interactive cartridge content system that includes 20-double-sided activity pages providing 120 games and activities. Besides extra game cartridges … [Read more...]