25 Books for Take Your Daughter to Work Day


Take Your Daughter to Work Day is a wonderful opportunity to inspire and encourage your daughter's dreams and aspirations. Regardless of what your job is, you can speak to your little girl about the job of her dreams and introduce her to women who work in that field. But if you don't happen to know someone personally, why not introduce her to someone through books?Here are … [Read more...]

8 Awesome April Fools’ Day Pranks to Play on Your Kids

april fools

April Fools' Day can be super fun for moms and kids! It's a day to be silly and induce giggles and memories for years to come. Why not make the most of it and plan some of these hilarious April Fools' Day Pranks to spice up your kids’ day? Putting googly eyes on everything in the fridge! HA!A fake April Fools' Day Prank breakfast. It looks like eggs and … [Read more...]

Easter Dresses She Can Wear Again and Again

easter dresses 360x200

I love holidays that call for special clothes. Really, I do. What I don't love is the price tag that comes with outfitting my family of four with new pieces that we'll only wear once.Suits, ties, heels and fancy dresses just aren't our norm, so when I splurge on Easter I do my best to avoid the ultra fancy. If we can't wear it on a normal day it doesn't make the cut. It … [Read more...]

Easter Bow Ties For Your Little Man

easter bow ties 360x200

I've been a huge fan of bow ties on little boys ever since my son wore one in his aunt's wedding. There is just nothing like a bow tie to spiffy up an outfit and make it look like Sunday's best. Wouldn't you agree?With a very special Sunday coming up ... EASTER ... I'm once again on the hunt for a perfect bow tie to match my little man's shirt and trousers. For months I've … [Read more...]

Christmas Prime Rib


Each year our family buys a share of a cow. Once delivered we have a variety of cuts and the one we all get most excited about is the rib eye roast that turns into prime rib. It stays tucked safely in the freezer until Christmas week and then becomes the star of our holiday meal.For years we went back and forth on different marinades and rubs, salt packs and seasonings. … [Read more...]