Indoor Activities To Make It Through A Cold Winter


If you live in the majority of the country right now, you know one thing- it's !#&%*#ing cold! So far, we haven't gotten too much snow. Last year our region hit nearly record-breaking snow totals, so I am mentally preparing for the same to happen again. That said, last year I had a newborn. I was bored at home all the time, sure, but I didn't have to entertain him so … [Read more...]

DIY Crafts to Beat the Summer Heat

Photo Credit: The Imagination Tree

With temperatures hovering around 95 in my city, leaving the house with a toddler and baby has begun to feel like a chore. Well, wait, it already felt kind of like a chore before the temperatures starting rising, but now, leaving the house with soaked arm pits and beads of sweat dripping down my face has…well…made things feel much harder. So with the temperature rises, we’ve … [Read more...]