New 2010 Valco Baby Tri-Mode Strollers Available


The new 2010 Valco Baby Tri-modes and Twin Tri-Modes stroller models are now available!  The new 2010 models sport a fabulous extended hood that we are in love with!  The canopy is GIGANTIC!!  Great improvement, Valco Baby!!! Plus, they are giving us fun, new color options!  The new colors are:  Candy Apple (red), Hot Chocolate (brown - our favorite!), Artic (blue/grey) and … [Read more...]

Kelty Speedster Stroller Giveaway on


Happy New Year!!  In honor of all those New Year resolutions that moms/dads are making to lose a little extra weight this year, is helping out one lucky winner with a great jogging stroller! is giving away a Kelty Speedster Swivel in their Giant Weekly Giveaway this week!   All you need to do is log in this week at to be … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: TFK Joggster X


Trends for Kids (TFK) has been popular in Europe since it was founded in 1997.  Until recently, this German-based company’s high quality, innovative and versatile products were not available in the US.  Sold in more than 15 countries, TFK recently made its way across the pond and made its US debut in November 2008. With its high quality German design, great features and … [Read more...]

Kelty Speedster Swivel Deluxe Review


Kelty is not only known for their sporty backpacks, camping tents and sleeping bags but also for their performance strollers.  The newest addition to their stroller options is the Speedster Swivel Deluxe stroller.  This sporty stroller is great for busy parents who want one stroller that they can use on rougher terrain and for light jogs but still has the maneuverability to use … [Read more...]

New Products for Kelty Starting in 2010


ABC Kids Expo News Kelty Carriers: Kelty has changed up their fabulous carriers for 2010 a bit by adding all new colors (blue, green and orange) and a waistbelt torso length adjustment.   The waistbelt torso adjustment allows the child to ride lower, creating a lower center of gravity for better balance and comfort for the parent.  With this improvement, these carriers … [Read more...]

BuggyGuard to Protect Your Stroller


Do you ever worry about having to leave your luxury stroller in a public place? Do you avoid taking it to theme parks or other places that you have to park it? Maybe you don’t have a luxury stroller but are just really attached to your Graco? Worried that someone might steal it or mistakenly take your stroller? BuggyGuard to the rescue! Since strollers prices are on the rise … [Read more...]

Trends for Kids Joggster X this Fall


The German company Trends for Kids or “TFK” is introducing their European stroller sensation, the Joggster X to the US this fall.  We are super excited about the debut of this unique and innovative stroller that has everything in one system.  What makes the Joggster X so unique in the world of strollers?  Three easily interchangeable front wheel options and a whole lot … [Read more...]

Trends for Kids (TFK) Lowers Prices on their Strollers

Trends for Kids (TFK) has been popular in Europe since it was founded in 1997. This German-based company's high quality, innovative and versatile products have only been available in the US since November 2008.  With the high quality German design, great features and sporty looks, the TFK strollers are products to take notice of. Now with everyone paying close attention to … [Read more...]