Holding on to the Little Things

little things 2

By no means am I a professional or even an amateur photographer. To be honest, I'm still quite wary of attempting photos in the manual setting! Kiddos can be so wiggly and that makes manual a beast! Nonetheless, photographing my children is one of my favorite hobbies. I adore catching their grins, crazy antics, and pieces of our days together. Memories in the making at their … [Read more...]

Tell Your Story With Photos That Rock!


Tell Your Story With Photos That Rock! By Ashbey Riley When I think back to the day I first learned to ride a bike, I can immediately recall a few very specific details: It was summer, the air was hot and thick. I was wearing purple Mary Janes. My handlebars had the most awesome glittery pink streamers. My left knee was bright red and skinned. And finally, I remember the … [Read more...]