Nurse-In At The Capitol Building on August 4th


We've seen nurse-ins happen around the country, aimed at stores and restaurants that give nursing mothers a difficult time, but now the first annual Great Nurse-In is coming to the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C. This is a peaceful nurse-in described as a grassroots movement committed to normalizing nursing for today’s society and future generations by promoting public … [Read more...]

Woman “harassed” while breastfeeding in Target

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You may have read my review last month of the joys and the not-so-joyous moments of breastfeeding my daughter. She is now almost 15 months and our breastfeeding relationship is still alive and strong. In fact, two days ago we were in a well-known shoe store shopping for shoes for her tiny feet, and she wanted to nurse. I informed the kind sales assistant who was helping us look … [Read more...]