Simple Photo Memory Keeping With Project Life

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I take thousands of photos of our family. Well, mostly my children. So far this year, we have a huge 8,000 according to iPhoto. They're all priceless snapshots of memories we've made and moments that I'll cherish forever. But, they don't do a lot of good sitting in iPhoto and I probably print 1/100th of the photos I take.So, how to best chronicle it all without investing … [Read more...]

The Best Photo Apps For Parents

iPhone Photgraphy

Raise your hand if you're a iPhone camera junkie ... I am too :)I have to be very intentional about picking up my DSLR and practicing manual these days, because, let's face it, it just isn't as convenient as my phone. Plus, just like this mama, it is totally possible to take amazing photos with your phone. This digital age is pretty darn amazing if you ask me!So, since … [Read more...]

Must Snap Newborn Photos

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They say newborn photos ought to be taken within the first 2 weeks of baby's life. That way, you can still capture the newness, but be a bit settled at home. Granted, birth photos are a pretty fabulous option too. Whatever you choose, just make sure you schedule in a newborn photo session before baby starts growing too fast. And they DO grow fast! So whether you take them or a … [Read more...]

Print Those Instagram Pics!


Confession: I have a really nice Nikon to capture all my children's precious moments, but on most days I snag my best photos with my iPhone. The real gems turn into Instagrams and there they sit.Wait ... I'm not the only one? Thank goodness!I've been perusing the lovely interwebs for ideas on how to print and display some of my favorite photos and am excited to share my … [Read more...]

Disney Story App Launches #Yourstotell


Disney has been telling stories that you love for generations. Also recognizing that YOU are a storyteller, they have launched the amazing Disney Story app this week. This storytelling app takes your everyday moments and turns them into a beautiful, shareable story.At the Disney Social Media Moms Conference yesterday, we learned all about this user-friendly app for the … [Read more...]