DIY Ikea Playroom Built-in Billy Bookcase


As many of you know, we recently moved into a new house. Even though it is a brand new house, there are a million things to do to get settled in. I’m not just talking about actual unpacking of boxes but trying to figure out where everything will go. A new house means a new layout and that means that every room needs to be designed with our current decor and new things I pick up … [Read more...]

Building a House with Pinterest: Home Office Edition

Home Office Ideas

Today is week 5 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. You may have noticed that we skipped last Wednesday for our weekly building a home update posts. Sorry about that. With returning from Disneyland and Easter preparations last week, we decided to hold off on posting our next update. No worries because this week we are back on track and it is all about the home … [Read more...]

Building a House with Pinterest – Laundry Room Edition

Laundry Room

Welcome to week 4 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. Last week was all about the playroom and this week we are focusing on the laundry room. I have to say that the laundry room is my least favorite room to hang out in because nothing fun is going on in there. With a family of five, laundry seems to be never-ending. I hate it. I don't mind the throwing in the washer … [Read more...]

Building a House with Pinterest – Family Room Edition

Family Room Curtains

It's week 2 of our Building a House with Pinterest series. In case you are just joining us, this is an 8-9 week series of posts giving you an inside look at my life right now building a house with Pinterest inspiration. This is the first house that we've actually had built and gotten to pick everything inside from floors and cabinets, to lighting and design details. This IS a … [Read more...]

Building a House with Pinterest – Kitchen Edition

White Counters

Some of you already know that my family is in the middle of a big move. After struggling to sell our Chicago home for over 3 years, this past January it finally happened! We had been living in a staged, for-sale home for so long that I overheard my 4 year old giving showings on his Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave! Yeah, hearing that one afternoon didn't break my heart or … [Read more...]