Why Five is the Best Age Ever

5 years old

My littlest guy is five years old, and although he would be quick to correct me that he is 5 AND A HALF, I think he is at the best age ever. He is my 3rd so I’ve run through the gamut with all ages up to ten years old so I have a little experience with which ages are good and which are a little more…shall we say, challenging. Hello, 9 years old! As I was dropping off my … [Read more...]

Review: Counting Bears

counting bears 360x200

I confess, toy shopping really stresses me out. There is just a lot of pressure to spend wisely, find something sturdy and long-lasting, something with learning potential. In the toy buying game, I win some and I lose some. Maybe someday I'll gather all my "losers" for a funny post. But, today I want to highlight a big time winner ---> Counting Bears! I remember having … [Read more...]

Celery Paint Stamp Love

celery 360x200

In our home, art projects range in excitement. I get an "ok" if I propose a craft with crayons and a "yay!" if markers are brought to the table. But, if I say the word "paint" it's like heaven on earth. Paint is the secret sauce for popular craft projects around here! We've appled our hearts out many times since last fall's apple craft so for Valentine's Day I introduced a … [Read more...]

At-Home Preschool Tips And Activities


If you have a little preschooler at home, like I do, you may get stuck on finding activities that are not only fun but that teach something too. I tend to turn to other moms online to help me prepare my son for Kindergarten, and with the right attitude and resources, it can be super simple! I've rounded up some of my favorites, so keep reading for some fun tips on having your … [Read more...]

Nervous Preschooler? Put Your Photo In Their Backpack!


Starting preschool is a big deal, and it can be very scary for a little one. Have you thought about packing a photo of your family in your child's backpack, to make them feel better if they feel sad? That's exactly what we did. My daughter turns four next month, and we recently visited a preschool that she just loved. So much so, that she asked me to take her there and drop … [Read more...]

First Day of Preschool Blues

First day of preschool blues

As I drove the familiar route home, I glanced in the rear view mirror at his sweet face. “Tell me about your day, Mama?” I started explaining what happened after I had dropped him off at his first day of preschool. My first full day without my boy since he was born, I think. He scrunched his nose in dissatisfaction at the beginning of my story. “No! Tell me about MY … [Read more...]

Preparing for Kindergarten with Brain Quest Alphabet Cards (VIDEO)

Brain Quest

It is true, my baby is headed to kindergarten in the fall. *sniff sniff* This is a big deal and through all the tears that I'm shedding in preparation for this big day, I'm trying to get him ready. Do I want him to be ready to leave mama and go off to the big school all day long? Nope. Do I want him to stay home with me forever! Yep. Do I get a lot of work done … [Read more...]

Preschool At Home Ideas

Mother and Daughter Reading Together

My son is about to turn three so we have started thinking about whether or not preschool is right for him or not. Besides looking into different schools, I've really been trying to incorporate some preschool activities into our daily life. Preschool at home is easy and can be fun! Even the mess is a chance to teach preschoolers the importance of cleaning up. So we're sharing … [Read more...]

10 Things to Look For In A Preschool


If you've started the preschool search for your child, you know how daunting and confusing the task can be. To help you get started, here are 10 things to look for as you start touring preschools. 1) A balanced curriculum: A good preschool has a well-planned curriculum that promotes social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive learning and development. The curriculum … [Read more...]

Preschool Craft | A Winter Walrus


This month we kicked off homeschool preschool with my 3 year old. Mostly we're doing some directed practice of basic skills like writing, cutting and gluing with a sprinkling of field trips and fun activities. It's been quite fun so far, more than I imagined. And just yesterday, my daughter announced to the checker at Costco - "I'm homeschooled! We're doing cwafts after … [Read more...]

Let’s Learn with Fruits & Veggies

fv 2

I come from a family of teachers so it's ingrained in me to turn "normal" activities into learning activities. Now that my eldest is preschool age, the opportunities for learning are around every corner. Even when I don't kick off a "lesson", it seems my daughter is searching for one. I mean, at three years old, daily life is truly a really big classroom. Recently, we … [Read more...]

Fall Crafts for Preschoolers


The Fall weather means more indoor activities and if you have preschoolers you know that means things are about to get busy! Having a handful of fun fall crafts in your back pocket will not only curb that energy, but you'll end up with some pretty darling fall decor too! Here's a round up of a few fall favorites specifically for that 3-5 age group. Some need a little more … [Read more...]

Homeschool Preschool With Five in a Row


Are you a homeschooling mama? Have you considered being one? I've been tossing the idea around in my mind and thus, have begun researching styles and curriculum. My eldest is three so I've been in the preschool market when it comes to ideas and lessons, and so far, have been most intrigued by Five in a Row, specifically their preschool option, Before Five in a Row. At its … [Read more...]

Great Crafts To Do With Your Toddler

Crafts for toddlers

Today I've rounded up 10 great crafts to do with your toddlers and preschoolers! Crafts are such a fun way to bring out your kids talent, teach them new things, and have fun spending time creating together! Super Hero Masks. What kid doesn't want to be a super hero? This craft idea from Cutesy Crafts will bring your child's dreams alive. Homemade Gak. Am I the … [Read more...]

A Look At Preschool Prep DVDS


Preschool Prep DVD's have a crazy high success rate, claim they can teach your child everything from their shapes to their colors after just a few watches, and come at a great price. So do they really work? I'm here to give you the scoop. A friend of mine swears by these DVD's. She has posted numerous videos of her just under 2 year old daughter identifying all of her … [Read more...]