Cinderella — The Soundtrack You Don’t Want To Miss

Cinderella soundtrack 360x200

Back in March when I saw the new Cinderella at the theater I was a bit skeptical. The previews looked beautiful, but would the story be as captivating as I had hoped?The answer is a resounding YES! My daughter and I both adored the film and have been counting down the days until its’ DVD release  ... September 15, 2015. So, as we wait we’ve been listening to the soundtrack … [Read more...]

Fisher Price Disney Princess Garden Tea Party Playset Review


So many holiday toys yet so little time! But which ones are right for your child? Today our Baby Gizmo Littles are taking a look at the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Garden Tea Party. This playset is for ages 1-5 but we think the sweet spot is 2 and 3 year olds. It's a sturdy, colorful playset featuring Cinderella and Prince Charming that will get your little one's … [Read more...]

Product Review: Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse


 If you're looking for a dollhouse for your little one, as we were, prepare to be overwhelmed. There are a LOT on the market, ranging from small to huge, plastic to wood, and with all the various amenities a doll truly needs (apparently). You know who helped me make my decision? My old friend Craigslist. I came across a well-maintained Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse at … [Read more...]

Flutterbye Fairies Review (VIDEO)


Flutterbye Fairies came out late last year, but they are still going strong during kids' TV programming, and line the end caps at popular toy stores. On a trip recently to ToysRUs with my kids, we came across all the Fairies in all their flying promise glory."The Magic is in your hand" they claim. How could my princess/fairy-loving nine-year-old daughter resist?"They … [Read more...]

What I Thought About Disney’s New Movie, Frozen


Last week my three year old and I had a mama daughter date to the movie theater. Frozen was on our agenda and we were not disappointed one bit! Ever since we saw it, we've been singing the songs, laughing about silly Olaf the snowman and pretending to ice skate in the living room. Our short time together watching this new Disney film has provided us hours of excitement all … [Read more...]