The Next Great Series of Teen Books You’ll Love


Please tell me you didn't think I was going to try and introduce you to¬†Twilight or The Hunger Games? Although I have read those too, once they hit the big screen they kind of lose their luster. Everyone has seen them and you can no longer leave the characters and lands up to your own imagination. And, of course, the books are always much better. So, if you've been on the … [Read more...]

Review: Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magiclip Dolls


Do you have a little princess living in your home? Has she made it her personal quest to collect one of each princess ... a representation of her love and devotion to each magical story? My daughter has, and at just 3 years old I'm already feeling overwhelmed with the volume of what all these princesses may do to our humble castle, I mean, home :) So, around Christmas time, … [Read more...]

Girls Are More Than Princesses and Fairies


I should begin this post by saying that I have no beef with princesses and fairies. Some of my best childhood friends were princesses and fairies. I guess this post is more so inspired by my oldest toddler's admission that she would like to grow up to be a princess, and then retire into a fairy. I know this is all "innocent," but it concerns me that most toys and television … [Read more...]

Elements of a Perfectly Inspired Princess Room


I think most little girls dream of being or becoming princesses, not necessarily because that's their passion in life, but because marketers have figured out that the whole princess gig is expensive for parents. And it works well on their daughters. I know. It's crazy how that works, right? I have been fighting off the plague of princess and pinks since my first daughter … [Read more...]

Old School Toys That Are Hip With the Times

Topsy Turvy Doll Mermaid

I've written before about how Princess fever has hit my house with the force of a tornado. Well, along with all the Princess dress ups and Disney DVDs comes a slew of Princess paraphernalia. To the moms of other Princesses: You know exactly what I'm talking about. The cheap, plastic toys that break within five minutes of purchasing them. And if they don't break, they play … [Read more...]