Bloom Alma Papa Crib Review

alma bloom

I am so excited to be reviewing my favorite baby product with all of you today! The Bloom Alma Papa Crib is a compact, easily transportable and stylish crib that turns into a toddler bed.   Bloom was founded by four dads wanting to bring meaningful innovation & contemporary design to a world of baby products that have traditionally been functional but not in … [Read more...]

Land of Nod Teepee Review

teepee 3

My son, 20 months now, received the Land of Nod's 'A Teepee to Call Your Own' as a fun Christmas gift from his great-aunt this past year. He (and I) have been using it for a few months now, and I feel confident that I can write an honest review of the teepee. First, a little background on the product: The Orange Stripe Canvas Teepee measures 47"Wx47"Dx63"H when fully … [Read more...]

Keeping Baby Safe (GIVEAWAY)

safe baby giveaway

This is a sponsored post and giveaway written on behalf of JPMA.   Welcoming a new baby into the family is one of the most amazing times in a new parent’s life. At Baby Gizmo, we strive to make the transition into parenthood that much easier with tips, reviews, videos and other information to help you shop smarter for baby gear. It’s not all about how well the high … [Read more...]

Review Of Freshly Picked Moccasins


This is my love story review of Freshly Picked Moccasins. Where, oh where, do I begin? I guess I should start back to when I first started looking for shoes for my son. I'm picky when it comes to fashion and apparel and anything related to my son. I want the best for him. I want his clothes to be well made, for them to last, and to be fashionable, too. I was searching around … [Read more...]

Product Review: Mini Micro Kick Scooter


This past Christmas my husband and I bought scooters for our twin boys, who turned 2 1/2 in December. While researching toddler-friendly options, it quickly became clear to me that the Mini Micro Kick Scooter, made by Kickboard USA, was legendary. Let's see: It has won the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Award Seals for Best Toy, the Parent's Choice Approved Seal, … [Read more...]

Product Review: InStep Sierra Double Bicycle Trailer


  When my family and I moved to Southern California last summer so that my husband could complete a yearlong fellowship, we knew we had to get bicycles to ride along the gorgeous beachfront bike paths. The question was, how could we take our 2-year-old twins along for the ride? Options abound for toting toddlers on bike rides, from seats that sit on top of the bike … [Read more...]

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Changed Bedtime (Kind of)

If your child watches Sprout, you have likely seen the infamous commercials for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. In case you can't remember the visuals of a mother saying, "goodnight, (child's name)" and the child and some other children, in the course of the commercial, actually going to sleep because they have a stuffed animal that lights up their room's ceiling. If you don't … [Read more...]

Milk-Saver Review


My children are just 22 months apart. When I was thinking through everything I would need for my second baby I assumed I had all the basics covered. Not many new products could have come out in less than two years, right? Well, I was wrong! Or, at least I missed this must-have the first time around! I'm talking about the Milk-Saver by Milkies. It is a brilliant product I … [Read more...]

For the “Love” of Basketball

Little-tikes620836-TotSports-Easy Score-Basketball-set-600x600

I am not a huge sports fan. I mean, I do watch the Super Bowl halftime and, sometimes, just sometimes, I do happen to quickly glance at the Soccer games that my husband watches every Sunday on ESPN, but otherwise, I don’t do sports. I did do Volleyball in high school and went to half a practice of Golf club, but, yeah, I just don’t do sports. Having said this, if I had to … [Read more...]

My Toddler’s “Tricked” Out Ride


You want to know what’s really sad? It’s sad that my toddler has a better ride than me. I mean, sure, I’m getting around in a fancy-smancy SUV with all the bells and whistles that most adults crave, you know, automatic locks and power windows. Oh, yeah, sexy, power windows. It’s enough to keep me happy, but it just doesn’t compare to what my toddler’s got --- a tricked out car … [Read more...]

Nothing Like the Original


I was told by many of my parent-friends, children of the 70s, that the toy that every toddler needs is a sit n’ spin. "It'll work miracles," they said. And, "She'll (my daughter) will be entertained with it (the toy) for hours." Hours! It all sounded too good to be true, but I believed them.  I got a sit n’ spin for my toddler on her 2nd birthday. And I didn’t just get her … [Read more...]

The Simplisse Double Electric Breastpump — my new best friend!


Breastfeeding is hard work. You forget about how much time it takes, how important it is to get the right latch so you don't get sore nipples and that the more you feed or pump the more you'll increase your milk supply. It takes a lot of time and patience. Unfortunately, my five-year-old and almost three-year-old don't have the patience for feeding time. They have needs too and … [Read more...]

The Tilty (Spilty) Cup


Little Bud’s first birthday is quickly approaching, and the ever important sippy cup issue has really started to nag me.  I knew that making the transition from the bottle to a big boy cup would be hard.  I braced myself for the tantrums and bouts of crying that I knew would surely come.  Surprisingly enough, I think I had myself worked up over nothing! Based on the stellar … [Read more...]