Rainy day styles!


I don't know about where you live but we already experienced our first rain of the season last week. It was actually more of a drizzle but when you live where it's sunny almost year round, a few rain drops can send the city into quite a tizzy. And wouldn't you know it...the kid's rain boots and rain coats are way too small from last year. It also confirms my belief that their … [Read more...]

Great Rain Gear Picks For Spring


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for warm weather.  It sure seems to be taking its sweet time this year.  Mother Nature can’t decide whether she wants it hot or cold.  Here in the Midwest, springtime is synonymous with one thing – rain!  We’re not talking a little bit either.  It has rained so much here lately that I thought I may have to take the boat to get to work in … [Read more...]