Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth To Reality


When I read these tips, I found myself nodded my head over and over again. The reality of having a newborn in the house is far from what you could ever anticipate, expect or predict. You can read every book out there, listen to all your "seasoned" mama friends tell stories about their newborn baby days but when your baby arrives, with his/her little personality and unique … [Read more...]

Get These, Skip These, Wait and See


I'm only speaking out of experience here, I'm not an expert but I've been through this enough times that I'd like to think I have some things figured out. We all know that every baby is different; they each have their own likes and dislikes and have no problem letting you know how they feel about things. My three are no exception. But I have found a few things to be … [Read more...]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


Little Bud has been blessed with a full (and I do mean FULL) head of the softest, most beautiful baby hair known to man.  OK OK…maybe I am being a bit partial, but what mother doesn’t think her child is the most beautiful/smartest/coolest kid ever?Truth be told, Big Bud was a baldy until he was 2.  Of course I oohed and awwed over his sparse golden strands as if he was the … [Read more...]

iBreastfeed by Medela


Medela has launched a new App called iBreastfeed and I immediately downloaded it. I use my iPhone for everything- checking emails, checking Twitter, updating my family about my children's accomplishments on Facebook, checking off my To-Do list, planning my grocery shopping, listening to music with my kids and now, I can use it as a reference for breastfeeding! iBreastfeed … [Read more...]

Make Your Kids Feel Super Special This Valentine’s Day


I love coming up with new ways to make a holiday special for my kids. Now that my oldest son is 8, he appreciates all the little things we do together (and they don't have to cost money) so much more. Here are some creative ways to make your kids feel special this Valentine's Day.1. "Mail" a love letter (or card) to your child.All kids love getting mail! There's … [Read more...]