I Want to Still Luv You, Butt You’ve Changed


  Dear Luvs, Let me start off by saying that I really used to love you.  You and I have been together for months now, and it's been great.  Your low price and dependability just couldn’t be beat, especially when I could get 180 of you through Amazon Mom for $25.97.  I sung your praises to the heavens on those months where I snatched up an extra 20% off coupon in my favorite … [Read more...]

Fighting the Post-Christmas Blahs


Blah.  That’s how I feel right now.  I was so pumped up during the holiday season and now it’s all over.  The holiday season is done (finally!).  It always seems like such a whirlwind of baking, shopping, and family gatherings galore.  Where did it go?!?!  Have the last 2 months really gone so quickly?  I can't help feeling a little let-down. So here I am in the New Year and … [Read more...]

Boden Releases New Maternity Line So Cute I Almost Wish I Were Pregnant


So, last night I was online perusing one of my favorite children's clothing lines, Mini Boden, when I noticed that they just released a line of maternity clothing. Before I go any further, you have to see how cute this stuff is: Isn't it awesome? I especially love the navy and white striped top, and the outfit with the white pants and yellow sweater. Well, the maxi dress … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Kalencom Sam’s Messenger Bag


BabyGizmo.com’s Giant Weekly Giveaway is a fabulous Kalencom Sam's Messenger Bag!  It is one of our Top Picks for Daddy Diaper Bags. The Kalencom Sam's Messenger Bag is a huge hit with our husbands. In no way does it advertise that they are currently in possession of diaper cream, wipes and stinky diaper bags! This funky bag has a roomy interior complete with three pockets … [Read more...]

Best Bets for Bathroom Safety


Bath time can be tons of fun for the whole family.  Most babies love to play in water of any type, and the bath is no exception!  Children are naturally curious little creatures and water is a sensory extravaganza.  From the feel of the water to the sounds of splashes and sprinkles, bath time is a true learning experience for your little one. According to the National Safety … [Read more...]

Thursday Giveaway: Skip Hop Tableware – 3 Winners!


**CONGRATULATIONS to our Skip Hop Zoo Tableware winners:  Shannon Nelson Amanda Mullen Bump Allison Bartsch  Hey!  It’s time for another Baby Gizmo Thursday is the New Friday Giveaway!!!  And this is a fun one!! Bring a little more fun to your kids’ mealtime with the new Skip Hop Zoo Tableware!  These plates, bowls and cups feature our favorite Skip Hop Zoo characters … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Lassig Gold Label Messenger Diaper Bag


When you have a baby, you have to travel with a lot of stuff!  Bottles, binkies, diapers, wipes, burp clothes, toys, snacks, and the list goes on and on!  And most (almost all!) new parents decide to carry all these things in a diaper bag.  But which diaper bag?  There are so many to choose from depending on your style, preference or even lifestyle.  We want to let you know … [Read more...]

Great Alternative to American Girl Outfits


Does your daughter beg for the matching Dress Like Your Doll American Girl outfits?  I know my daughter does.  Every time the American Girl Magazine arrives in the mail at our house, she has half the outfits circled in the magazine within the hour.  Sure, many of the outfits are adorable.  The prices?  Anything but adorable.  Shocking really.  We are talking $50-$100 for two … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Multi-View Monitor


I am a huge fan of video monitors!  Even if you live in a small place, there are so many advantages of having one:  breathing checks; they allow you to peek on your sleeping baby without a squeaky door giving you away; they enable you to determine that the crying you hear is due to tantrum and not injury; and with the magic of mute, can actually help you get a better night’s … [Read more...]

Do These People Secretly Hate Me?!


I realize that Christmas is over.  While I love the season and all that comes with it, I am secretly glad that magical day has finally past.  Whew!  Tree taken down – check.  Ornaments carefully wrapped and tucked away – check.  Christmas lights removed and neatly wound in preparation of next year – check (well, maybe not neatly wound, but at least they’re down!).  One would … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo Baby on Location Photo Contest Starts Today!


This photo contest is all about Baby On Location! If you could take baby anywhere, in a fabulous 2011 Inglesina Avio Stroller, where would you go? Use your creativity! Would it be a jaunt through the city? touring the trails? lounging by the beach? a play date at the park? traveling the world? Your options are endless! Simply submit a creative picture of your baby "on location" … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaway: Fabulous Oilo Cylinder Light


BabyGizmo.com’s Giant Weekly Giveaway is a fabulous Oilo Large Cylinder Light!  Winner gets to choose pattern/color! Brighten up baby’s nursery and any room in a home with this perfect light from Oilo’s lighting collection!  The Shade is Handmade from Oilo's Signature 100% Woven Cotton Fabric.  The light features a sheet of white acrylic which encloses and diffuses the light … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Rock in the New Year With Kids


Ever since I became a parent New Year's Eve has been kind of a bust. My husband and I are lucky enough to have both sets of parents living in town, and normally they are more than willing to babysit for us. Well on New Year's Eve, all bets are off. That is the one night a year that our homebody parents have a night out on the town. I suppose we could try to find a … [Read more...]

My Holiday Gift


My husband really did a great job on my Christmas gift this year.  Even though we always say that we won’t get each other anything because we could save the money to do something else (like have the carpets cleaned – romantic, I know!), he knows that is a trick.  If he really doesn’t get me anything, he runs the risk of me being devastated and holding it over his head until the … [Read more...]

Dear Moon Dough, We are Not Friends


We all are familiar with the joys of Playdoh.  We played with it as kids and now our kids play with it.  Sure, it can be messy but it is super fun for kids.  Sure, it can dry out but it's cheap to replace.  We are talking like 88 cents a container.  What you may or may not be familiar with is Moon Dough.  My son received a Moon Dough Farm for Christmas.  It looked fun.  I … [Read more...]