Spotlight Video Review: Baby Cargo Georgi Diaper Bag


For our Baby Gizmo Video today, we are highlighting the brand new Baby Cargo Georgi Diaper Bag. This bag has some unique features and a budget-friendly price ($59) that you should really take a closer look at. Available in four gender-neutral colors, this is a bag that dad won't mind slinging messenger-style to carry baby's essentials on the go. Plus, if hands-free is your … [Read more...]

Mountain Buggy Joey Review

Mountain Buggy Joey

One of our top picks for double strollers just got better! Mountain Buggy recently introduced the joey that turns the duet (or the duo) into a single stroller with tons of storage. Sure, I know what you are looks like a feature of the Bugaboo Donkey, right?! That is what we thought too! But when something is fabulous, why not borrow it, right? Whether they … [Read more...]

Cleaning The Stink: Car Seats and Strollers


What are some of the messiest things when it comes to babies? No, not just diapers. Car seats and strollers! My first baby rarely ate in his car seat but now that I'm on baby #3? Let's just say I pick my battles (and have a lot less time to organize or plan snacks). My strollers and car seats get nas-tay thanks to dirt feet, grubby park hands, cracker crumbs, milk and … [Read more...]