Joovy TooFold Spotlight Video Review

Joovy TooFold

 Joovy is entering the luxury stroller market with a bang lately! First, it was the Qool collection and now the unique TooFold has hit the market.We shared preliminary photos last week on this stroller and today we are sharing one of our Baby Gizmo Video Reviews on it!Yes, the TooFold is a souped up Micralite Fastfold Superlite. Remember we reviewed … [Read more...]

Jane Trider Extreme vs Jane Rider Comparison Video

Jane Rider vs Trider

 We know that when we review two similar strollers that have a few differences, we leave our audience scratching their head and asking, "which one is best for ME?" They try to watch the videos side by side and figure out all the differences, but that isn't always easy.Today, we are taking the guesswork out of it for you! If you have been thinking one of the … [Read more...]

Jane Rider Stroller Spotlight Review (VIDEO)

Jane Rider

Yes, we have been on a Jane kick lately, but since they are new to the US, we wanted to show you what they have. Today we are focusing on the Jane Rider stroller. This four-wheel stroller is great for everyday use, but with the great shock absorbers and suspension, it can tackle the "mommy terrain" as well.SEATJane recommends the Rider seat for 6 months to 4 years … [Read more...]

Jane Trider Stroller Spotlight Review (VIDEO)

Jane Trider

 Last month we introduced you to the travel-friendly Jane Nanuq. Remember Jane is one of the world’s oldest stroller companies based in Spain that was founded in 1948. They are doing a grand re-launch in the US right now and today we are focusing on the sporty, all-terrain Trider stroller.This sporty stroller is stocked with great features including adjustable … [Read more...]

Joovy TooFold Stroller

Joovy TooFold

Joovy is on a roll lately! They are debuting new products left and right to add to their already robust collection of baby gear. Plus, there are even a few secret things in the works that I can't even share with you yet!We recently received the Joovy TooFold, and while we are putting it through our review and video process, we thought we'd share a few preliminary photos … [Read more...]