Italian Creamosa Recipe

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Summertime is the perfect time to mix up special drinks after dinner as a sweet little dessert. Thankfully, Italian Creamosas are perfect for the entire family and totally versatile! Love extra cream? Add another splash. Want to mix and match flavors? Be my guest! To be perfectly honest, I'm sipping one now and it has definitely been my favorite treat lately. I gave up … [Read more...]

Summer Mocktails


It is the dead of summer. The thermometer is reading triple digits and the humidity is 95%. The closest thing to a breeze you can find is sitting next to a snoring spouse. All of this sounds fairly unpleasant, right? Now add to the mix a small human in your uterus, cankles, and the inability to get out of a chair by yourself and you have a downright miserable situation. That, … [Read more...]

Fruits To Freeze and Serve!


Despite the fact that I am 32 weeks pregnant and sweltering in the California heat, I love summer. I love the abundance of fruits and vegetables that appear, allowing me to to create smoothies and popsicles and chocolate covered delicious-ness. When I take out my blender my 21-month old screams in happiness "JUICE!!!" This makes me smile, given that her dad was previously … [Read more...]

Summer Entertaining: Mojito Mocktails!


I love Summer entertaining, mostly because it's usually super casual and laid back. In fact, I probably entertain more in the summer than I do all year long because it's just so easy. All you need is a couple of easy dishes and one or two signature drinks to make a party seem really special. One of my favorite things to offer guests at any gathering is a signature … [Read more...]