How to Buy a Double Stroller

Double strollers

It's time to tackle the double stroller category in our Baby Gizmo video series "How to Buy a Stroller." Whether you are having twins or your second, third or fourth+ child, a double stroller is a necessity for getting around with two babes in tow. With twice the size and features, there are many things to consider when picking out the best double stroller for your … [Read more...]

Joovy TooQool Double Stroller Video Review

Joovy TooQool

Joovy has jumped into the luxury stroller market with both feet this month with the debut of their new Qool and TooQool! While Joovy has been known for budget-friendly, quality strollers, these are the first high-end "luxury" Joovy  strollers, and they are luxury through and through. With details such as leather handlebar and baby bumper bar, padded, removable seat inserts … [Read more...]

Choosing A Tandem over a Side-By-Side Stroller


One of the good things about having children close in age is the ability to reuse most of your previous childs' belongings since they have barely made their way into the garage (the belongings, not the child ;)). Our children are almost two years apart, so this means baby number 2 is using baby number 1's swing, playmat etc. There were only two things that we really … [Read more...]

New in the Land of phil&teds for 2011


ABC EXPO News phil&teds is making a few changes for 2011.  The most notable changes are: phil&teds Smart Stroller 2011: Seat will recline more! Seat will reverse! Hmmm...I guess they watched our video and heard our complaints of the tiny recline and lack of reversible seat! phil&teds Verve: (Available January 2011) Doubles seat will recline!  … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Mutsy Duoseat


Mutsy (pronounced 'moot'-sy), a Netherlands-based company that has been producing high quality strollers since 1935, never ceases to amaze us with their strollers.   The Duoseat is Mutsy's newest addition as well as their first introduction into the world of double strollers.  The Duoseat is actually a two seat insert that works with the 4Rider chassis to transform it from a … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo


The Peg Perego GT3 ForTwo is a 3-wheel, all-terrain single stroller that transforms to an inline double stroller when you attach the included rear seat.  This stroller has many of the features that you look for in a full-size, all-terrain stroller plus the added benefit of having a second seat! The main seat is very large and roomy and has a weight capacity up to 45 lbs.  It … [Read more...]

Spotlight Product Review: iCandy Pear


iCandy is a luxury stroller company that recently brought their gorgeous strollers across the pond to the US.  Even though iCandy is new to us, they are not new to the rest of the world!   iCandy is a British company that was started in the early 1930s with the goal of making products that was specifically designed for the parent who needs something special, something … [Read more...]

New in the Land of Chicco for 2009 & 2010


ABC Kids Expo News Chicco has introduced a few new products recently that they showcased at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last week.  360 DEGREE HOOK-ON HIGH CHAIR This fully-rotating hook-on high chair can make mealtime convenient and fun.  Chicco's 360 Rotating Hook-On Chair  has an innovative seat that locks in 6 positions for a more convenient feeding.  You can … [Read more...]

My Stroller Mishap This Weekend

I thought I would share with everyone a story of what happened to me yesterday.  It was our first major outing as a family since Sutton was born almost 4 weeks ago.  We were headed to downtown Chicago to the Lincoln Park Zoo to meet my brother-in-law and his fiancé.  We packed up all three kids in a hurry because honestly I got up a little later than I should have.  But in … [Read more...]

Product Spotlight Review: Mia Moda Compagno

Great Stroller-and-a-Half Option If your older child is a walking toddler when your next baby is born, chances are you've shopped for a double stroller, and been horrified at the semi-truck you'd be forced to schlepp around. Good news! There is a new category of strollers -- the Stroller-and-a-Half -- that allows you to tote a small child in a standard stroller seat, and … [Read more...]

iCandy Luxury Strollers to US in 2009

ABC Kids Expo News New luxury stroller alert!!  iCandy is a luxury stroller company that is bringing their gorgeous strollers across the pond to the US in 2009.  iCandy is a British company that was started in the early 1930s with the goal of making products that was specifically designed for the parent who needs something special, something different, something that catches … [Read more...]