When The Child Is Ready…. They Will


Being a parent comes with many lessons. You learn, for example, that smelling a child's butt in public is not only okay, it's necessary. And that when you miss the toddler sleep window, it will result in a full on, over-the-top meltdown worse than ever before. But you also learn good things. About love, and being selfless. But my favorite lesson of all is something my 3.5 … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Avoid Saying “No” To Your Toddler


  There are days when parents feel that all they've said is "No. No. No. No. NO!" These are generally not good days, and leave both you and your child feeling very stressed out. Of course, there is no guilt to be felt in respectfully saying no, as children need boundaries and direction. But sometimes we can overuse the word "No" and then it becomes less meaningful. I … [Read more...]