Backpacks for Traveling Toddlers (VIDEO)

3/20/2011 5:18 PM

Spring has sprung and everyone is planning trips.  Whether you are traveling for spring break or planning for a summer getaway, the kids will travel with lots and lots of stuff.  While I'm hauling all the major gear for the trip, I always make every child carry a bag with their own toys, snacks and on-the-go essentials.  Even the toddlers!  Here are my top picks for great … [Read more...]

Bee & Owl Join the Skip Hop Zoo Packs & Lunchies Family


Skip Hop introduced their newest additions to the Skip Hop Zoo Packs & Lunchies – an adorable bee and owl.  The Bee Zoo Pack is yellow and black and features an adorable bee face with corduroy antennas and a bee striped front pocket.  The buzz on this bag is that it is adorable! The Owl Zoo Pack is blue, red and tan and features a fun owl face with a polka dot front … [Read more...]

Skip Hop Introduces Monkey to their Zoo Pack Family


Just in time for school, Skip Hop introduced their newest addition to the Skip Hop Zoo Packs - an adorable monkey.  The Monkey Zoo Pack features an adorable monkey face with corduroy ears and banana zippers.  Your child will go bananas for this adorable pack!  Zoo Packs are cute little kid backpacks for your child on-the-go!  These backpacks are the perfect size for a child … [Read more...]