Fisher Price Little People Disney Princess Ariel Castle Review

disney princess

The kids have been working overtime on fun toy reviews for our Junior Gizmo watchers but we want you to know that we didn't forget about our toddler crowd. We didn't forget about the parents looking for that perfect gift for their 2 year old's birthday or that grandparent that needs a gift that the child will really love. You know you have chosen a great toy when the child … [Read more...]

8 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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Last Christmas, my son’s stocking was filled with pacifiers and rattles. Nothing exciting because he would never remember it and he was a baby. Anything in his stocking was really more for my benefit at that point. This year on the other hand I have a toddler to buy for. He won’t necessarily remember this Christmas, but, he does like to have his own stuff now. If you also … [Read more...]

Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Summertime Fun


Pamela Brill is a professional magazine editor and writer whose work has appeared in such national publications as Parents, Pregnancy & Newborn and Woman’s Day magazines. She’s also the mother of two girls, ages 10 and 6, and yes, her house is noisy. When Pam isn’t busy shuttling her kiddos around town or finding new ways to surprise and amaze her Frozen-obsessed daughters, … [Read more...]

Product Review: Hape Ukulele


We probably all have a little singer or mover in the family, so for that child that just loves to make up their own songs, be sure to check out the Hape Ukulele. It comes in either a bright blue or bright red, and is a hit with toddlers and preschoolers. It has four tunable strings and is made of baltic birch and maple wood, and while Hape describe it as having a "large, … [Read more...]

Magformers- The Magnets Children Love!


I'd never heard of Magformers until a friend posted on Facebook that they were on sale, so I decided to look into them ( I tend to look into recommendations of toys that are silent). I was pleasantly met with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon! So what exactly are they? Well, they're a box of brightly colored, plastic shapes, like triangles, squares and pentagons, and they … [Read more...]

Hape Scoot Around Review


I really don't mean to sound like a teenage girl but seriously.... Omg how cute is this?! The Hape Scoot Around is a four wheeled wood scooter that is perfect for your toddler. This foot powered ride is a great way for children to practice their balance skills and develop their strength. It only comes in the bright green color, but I think it's a great choice- it looks … [Read more...]

Product Review: Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart


This review is going to be pretty brief: if you're looking for a shopping cart for your children, this is the one. Yes, the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart is pricier than other carts at $49.99, but it could not be more realistic! With its sturdy metal construction (it is heavy at 12 pounds), it glides around so easily and even has a folding doll seat for you child's favorite … [Read more...]

Product Review: Hape Wood Cash Register


This Hape Wood Cash Registerhas recently proved to be a hit with my three year old and her current love of being a shop keeper/customer. It comes with its own money, handheld bar code scanner, card reader, and credit card. Don't you just love toys with no batteries and no noise?! Get those creative juices flowing kids and make your own sounds! There is a small clip to hold … [Read more...]

Product Review: Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set


Calling all Doc McStuffins fans! It's "time for your check-up!" My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves the show, so when a friend gifted her this Doc McStuffins Doctor's Bag, she was overjoyed. I can honestly say that from the time she received it about two months ago, she has played with it every single day. The bag comes with the following items: a thermometer, … [Read more...]

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards


We stumbled across the Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards on a recent shopping trip, and my daughter, shockingly, asked for it. I couldn't get to the cash register fast enough, considering she usually looks at things that are loud and/or sparkly. This is a sit down game that is quiet! Let's go! Recommended for ages 3 and up, the game comes with ten colorful … [Read more...]

Club MomMe SoCal Toddler Events Featured Products

Toddler Event

If you attended the Club MomMe Best of Toddler Gear Events in Orange County on July 17 or in Los Angeles on July 18 or if you just wanted to know what we talked about – here is a list of all (or at least most of!) the wonderful products that we featured. All these products were hand picked by me as some of my favorites, so you know they are good. If you click on the … [Read more...]

The Green Toys Tea Set Made From Recycled Milk Jugs


  In England, a good ole cuppa (translated- a good, reliable cup of tea) is thought to fix any problem. So it's no surprise that my love for all things tea has rubbed off on my toddler. We recently purchased the Green Toys Tea Set, and it is definitely a keeper. Many of the sets available now come with only two cups, but when you're a toddler, you don't have tea with … [Read more...]

If We Only Had 5 Toys for Baby’s Second Year

safari puzzle

As a follow up to "If We Only Had 5 Toys for Baby's First Year" I thought it might be fun to share my top 5 toys for ages one to two. That second year is such a rich time of learning and exploration and toys can definitely play a role in your little one's development. Unlike infant toys, these ones last far beyond the second year. My daughter is quickly approaching three and … [Read more...]

Toddlers Love The Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box


Looking for a great gift for a toddler without the noise, flashy lights, or batteries? Something educational and fun under $20? Then you have got to try the Melissa and Doug Cutting Food Box. This box is simple but smart- there are wooden food items, a wooden chopping board, and a wooden knife (completely safe, of course). Each food item is chopped up into small pieces and has … [Read more...]

A Remote Controlled Thomas with Real Steam!


I have previously mentioned that my daughter is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan and so our home has several variations of the little blue train. Last week I gave birth to a son, and in a bid to help the two bond, we bought a gift for our daughter "from her baby brother." This was a Fisher Price Steam n Speed Thomas- a remote controlled Thomas the Tank Engine that blows real … [Read more...]