Seven Things to Do to Get Ready for Spring Break

Spring Break Tips

Thanks to AT&T for sponsoring this spring break preparation post.Spring break is only a few weeks off for us so it’s time to get planning. I’m one of those type-A parents who likes to have a plan in place for where we are going, when and what we are taking with us. Sure, sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants, but for the most part, I like to have a plan. When … [Read more...]

You Are Not Alone – 80 Reasons Toddlers Have Meltdowns

Toddler Meltdowns

Today we played a little game on the Baby Gizmo Facebook page called "Toddlers have meltdowns because......"Our Baby Gizmo editor started off the fun with "Right now, mine is: Because the banana won't go back in the peel. Pretty sure my entire neighborhood can hear "Mama, put the banana back ON!""Our Baby Gizmo audience didn't waste any time chiming in with their … [Read more...]

The Mom Rage List

neck boils

As moms, the day is sometimes a series of events which call on our best efforts to swallow rage and exercise patience. Those days when all we’re doing is getting through it, possibly throwing up a prayer to the good Lord that we don’t maim an innocent bystander. On these days, we don’t give a shit if our kids eat Cheetos for dinner or take a bath.  We just want them to be quiet … [Read more...]

Check Your Toys with the Toilet Paper Roll Trick

toilet paper roll trick

Today's parenting tip isn't a new one. It has been around for what seems like forever. I have no idea when it started but it is a valuable, cheap and easy trick to keep your toddlers safe. It has to do with choking hazards. Food and toys are the top two choking hazards in kids under 3 years old so I wanted to share with you a trick to know what toys are too small to be around … [Read more...]

5 Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers


Gross motor skills, sometimes referred to as large motor skills, are very important to develop in toddlers.  These are the "bigger" skills that babies and toddlers develop naturally, such as rolling over, sitting up, walking, jumping, throwing a ball, etc. Gross motor skills go hand in hand with fine motor skills, for example, a child's ability to control their arm movements … [Read more...]