5 Things To Consider While Traveling With Your Baby

Photo Course: Have Baby Will Travel

Guest Post by: Patricia Hogenes Mom is taking the baby on a plane flight, to visit her mother, who can’t wait to see her newborn grandchild. The baby is 5 months old – how quickly that time went! – so the visit is way overdue, but Mom and baby both needed a little time to get settled in after the birth. How can Mom make sure she is traveling safely with her first baby? Here … [Read more...]

Traveling with Kids Essentials


Spring is here and summer is right around the corner which means it is time to start traveling. Whether you are just headed over the hills and through the woods to grandma's house or on a big family vacation, many people are going to be hitting the road this summer. Traveling with kids takes a special kind of patience. For many people the thought of traveling with a child … [Read more...]

Travel Event List of Featured Products


If you attended the Club MomMe Traveling with Kids Event or if you just wanted to know what we talked about – here is a list of all the wonderful products that we featured that day. All these products were hand picked by me as some of my favorites for traveling, so you know they are good. If you click on the product, it will take you to a place that you can order it online. … [Read more...]

Traveling with Kids Event Update


Last week I was the speaker at the Chicago Bump Club & Beyond 2nd Annual Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Boats at Galt in Lincoln Park (in Chicago!). I know many of you don't live anywhere close to Chi-town so I thought I would share a few photos from the event to show you some of the things that I talked about and featured. I just thought the photos would help you feel … [Read more...]

Baby Gizmo presents Traveling with Kids Part 2 at Bump Club Event

Bump Club Travel Event

Planning a trip with baby this summer and happen to be in the Chicago area next week? As always, we've got you covered! Join Baby Gizmo for the Chicago Bump Club & Beyond 2nd Annual Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Boats at Galt in Lincoln Park (in Chicago!) on June 19, 2012 at 6:30pm. I will share travel tricks, tips and what you need for traveling with your baby. If … [Read more...]

Tips & Products for Airplane Travel with a Toddler (VIDEO)


As a follow-up to the video a few days ago, Essentials I Bring to Cruise with a Toddler,  I decided to do a video highlighting my tips and favorite products for airplane travel with a toddler.     SHOP the products featured in the video: Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage Skip Hop Zoo Pack CARES Harness Zoobie Pet Vtech Innotab Crayola … [Read more...]

Tips for Avoiding a Road Trip Meltdown


There must be something about a car trip that triggers a baby’s meltdown mechanism.  Oh sure…most children love the car in small doses, and you may even be one of those lucky parents whose little one is actually lulled to sleep by the motion of a moving vehicle.  We’ve all heard the stories about the sleep-deprived parent who loads their crying baby into the van at 2am for a … [Read more...]

Road tripping with a toddler? Easier than you would believe!


“Honey, tickets to fly will cost us $350” “Hmm, why don’t we drive instead?” “Sure, I’m sure we’ll enjoy the ride!” And with those famous words, my fate was sealed: An 8 hour (one-way) road trip to a destination just south of San Francisco, CA. Over the Christmas holiday. With a 14-month old. Doable? YES! Crazy? ABSOLUTELY. Now we’re no strangers of long … [Read more...]

Safe Summer Travel with Baby by Dr. JJ Levenstein


By Dr. JJ Levenstein, M.D., FAAP While traveling with baby can make a summer vacation all the more enjoyable, it can also require an entirely separate “to-do” list. After all, little ones need a little extra care when venturing to a new place. Before you board the plane or pack up the family roadster, here are some of the tips I share with patients in my pediatrics practice … [Read more...]