Baby Gizmo Adds phil&teds Smart to Facebook Giveaway


Baby Gizmo just loves their Facebook fans so much that they want MORE! Come on, who doesn’t want people to “like” them! They have added another fabulous prize for the ”Like” Us on Facebook Giveaway Contest!!! When Baby Gizmo hits 10,000 fans, one lucky fan will get the fabulous phil&teds Smart Stroller Bundle WITH the new Verso Adapter!! What do you have to do to … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Making the phil&teds Smart Smarter with the Verso Adapters!


You have to respect a company that says:  “You didn’t like something about our product?  Okay, you’re the boss!  We’ll change it and make it better!”  (We are paraphrasing, of course!)  That's exactly what phil&teds did!  Now, that is a company that listens to their customers! What did they do?  They made the smart – smarter!  The new verso adapters convert phil&teds … [Read more...]